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UK Paranormal Investigations
Station Hotel page 2

The cellar and basement

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At around 10:30pm, Cliff took us down to the cellar; he showed us around and then left us down there by ourselves. He explained that other paranormal investigators had suffered equipment failure near the barrel drop, so we thought that it was a good place to begin our investigation.

As soon as the digital camera was switched on, the power failed within a few seconds although the batteries were new. We changed them for another new set of batteries which also died within seconds, so we had to go back up to the room to get a third set. The strange thing was though that once we were back upstairs, the second set of batteries were working fine.

Once we were back in the cellar, we began taking photos and switched on the night vision camcorders. It wasn't long before we started to get orbs on digital camera.

We set up a trigger object and then sat down to see if any spirits wanted to make themselves known to us. We picked up a few abnormal lights on camcorder and heard a very strange rhythmic sound, which we later asked Cliff about to see if it was a normal sound, but he said that the only sound down there should be the pumps and that they sounded different.

 We walked around the cellar taking camcorder footage and photos; the digital camera was picking up loads of orbs. Also we kept seeing shadows out the corner of our eyes, and we kept on feeling touches on our heads and arms.



We decided to put a Dictaphone down near the barrel drop to see if we would get any EVP, but nothing unusual was found, and the trigger object didn't move either.

When we were walking around the cellar, Jack walked around a dark corner and came face to face with this guy below, he Sh*t himself and ran, well anyone would...........wouldn't they?


After about 2 hours, our investigation of the cellar was complete.We prepared to go up to the restaurant to see if we could find George at table 7, however nothing could prepare us for what we would witness.


Below are a couple more pictures showing orbs.