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UK Paranormal Investigations
Station Hotel page 3

Our amazing findings at table 7

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We all sat down at table 7, switched on the equipment and asked for George to show us that he was around. Nothing happened for a while, then the digital camera shut off for no reason, after opening and closing the battery cover the camera was working normally again. Soon after that we picked up orbs on the digital camera.


A few minutes later one of the napkins that was set up on the table rocked, we all stared at it and then looked at each other, it happened again about a minute later and this time we caught it on camcorder. At this point we were pleased by the amount of activity that we had captured so far and decided to go up to the room for a while and have a break.

 There had been reports that furniture moved by itself in room 214, so at about 3am we set up 2 night vision camcorders in the room and went back down to the restaurant to see what else we could find at table 7, what followed absolutely amazed us.

 We all sat back around the table and started to ask if George could move the napkin again, but nothing happened. After about 15 minutes we asked if there was any other spirit there apart from George, and the napkin rocked, we then asked if the spirit was male and the napkin didn't move, so we asked if the spirit was female and the napkin rocked again. For the next hour we were asking questions and the spirit was rocking the napkin to answer yes and not moving it to answer no.

After we had finished for the night we knew that we had experienced something special, but we were annoyed that we didn't capture any of it on camcorder.

 During the night, jack saw a figure standing by the door and felt the bed move.

 The next night we went back to table 7, and this time we were armed with our night vision camcorders. We began asking if the spirit wanted to make contact again, but nothing happened for about 15 minutes until one of the camcorders shut off for no reason. It wasn't long before the napkin began rocking again, we asked the spirit if it had taken so long to make contact because it had to gather energy first, and the napkin rocked indicating yes.

Again, we were communicating with the spirit for over an hour, and this time we captured the whole thing on 2 night vision camcorders, which is now the strongest evidence that we have of paranormal activity.


I will try to sum up the more interesting parts of our conversation with the spirit.

We named her Mary and she lived nearly 1000 years ago. She was a young girl during the battle of Hastings, and later on lived in a house on the site of where the Station Hotel now stands. She worked at the castle as a cook, and her husband was an armourer. She died an old woman during the reign of King Henry 1st.

We checked the dates of the events that she had spoken of and it all fitted in perfectly. The battle of Hastings took place in 1066, Dudley Castle was built in1071 and Henry 1st came on the throne in 1100, and reigned for 35 years until 1135.

We asked her if she had ever watched movies, and she said that she liked the older classics like Gone With the Wind and the Sound of Music.

Just out of curiosity, we asked Mary if King Arthur ever existed and she indicated no, then we asked if Robin Hood ever existed and she indicated yes.

When we asked her if she was the only ghost in the hotel, she said that she wasn't and that there was a spirit in the cellar, a man, a girl who died by falling down the hotel staircase and there were other spirits up in the haunted rooms.

 Our stay at the Station Hotel was very enjoyable and we witnessed events that we will never forget. If you ever go there, why not go to table 7 and see if Mary wants to talk.