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UK Paranormal Investigations
The Wheatsheaf page 2
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We decided to start our investigation by setting up a night vision camcorder in the courtroom, and another in the holding room along with a dictaphone. we left them there for 45 minutes while we went down to the cellar.



We sat down in the office and tried to encourage some paranormal activity. It wasn't long before we captured an orb moving on camcorder, however it wasn't until we reviewed the footage that we heard a strange sound like a gust of wind just as the orb was seen.
After a while we moved to another part of the basement, orbs started to appear on camcorder and digital camera after a few minutes. On a few occasions members of the team saw movement, and orbs showed up on digital camera in exactly the same place, which we found interesting.


A bit later things started to get more active. Orbs began showing up amongst us, and then we all heard a noise that sounded like a box being scraped along the floor, the camcorder even picked the sound up.


Not much happened after that, so we decided to go and retrieve the equipment from the courtroom and holding room and see if we had captured anything.
The camcorder in the holding room picked up some good orbs and there were some strange banging sounds that were quite loud. We asked Maria, the landlady, if the sounds could of been a door slamming or something else quite natural, but she said that there was no explaination for them.
The camcorder in the courtroom also picked up some very good orbs, and the bangs could be heard on this one as well.
There was a voice on the dictaphone that seemed to say"hello".
We decided that with this much activity, it was worth going back up there and investigating further.

It wasn't long before we were picking up orbs on the digital camera, if you look at the picture below, there is an orb above Steves head that looks red with a glowing edge.



This other photo shows Bryony when she started to feel unwell, orbs can clearly be seen all around her. Actually we all felt unwell at the same time, Ray and Bryony both had headaches, as did Jack but he felt really sick as well, and Steve had chest pains.

We decided to move into the holding room, and started to pick up orbs moving on the camcorder, which happened again ...... and again, we started to question if they were just dust floating around. We thought that we would try an experiment, Ray focused the camcorder on Steve and Jack asked if there were any spirits present, and it was them making the orbs appear on the camcorder, could they make the orbs move around Steves head, a couple of seconds later orbs could be seen moving around his head. Jack requested the same thing 3 more times and each time the response was the same. After that the team were convinced that there was a spirit present.

We really enjoyed our investigation of the Wheatsheaf, but were disappointed that we hadn't had a chance to investigate the bar. So towards the end of March we will be returning to see if we can capture any evidence of poltergiest activity.