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UK Paranormal Investigations

Salutation Inn

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The ye olde salutation inn is situated in the centre of Nottingham and has been there since 1240. There are caves underneath that are said to be haunted by a highwayman and a little girl called Rosie. The caves used to run underneath the whole town, and the first recorded referance to them was in 900AD, however a lot have collapsed due to modern day construction. they were originally used as a settlement for the saxons and were lived in right up to 1845.
The Inn used to house a brothel, and legend has it that there was once a prostitute named Jezabel who had one of her clients fall in love with her, however she was in love with another man which made her client so enraged that he cut her face up, disfiguring her very badly. It is said that she looked in a mirror and was so distraught at what she saw that she killed herself.
On the anniversary of her death she is supposed to be seen walking the pub, and tries to dig at the eyes of anyone that looks at her.
The mirror is still in the inn to this day.

Jezabels mirror

Rosie is said to come up into the bar and move things around. She moves keys around, and on one occasion hid a mobile phone underneath a microwave oven.
She is supposed to be afraid of the highwayman who is believed to be Robert James, who was hung where the staircase to the upper level now stands.
With this much history and reported ghost sightings, we were excited about our overnight investigation.