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UK Paranormal Investigations
Trip to Jerusalem page 2
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jerusalem 015.jpg
View from museum room facing Rock Lounge

A barman named Simon gave us a tour of the inn and then joined us for the investigation.
We started up in the museum room to see if we could find Elizabeth, we all sat around a table and lit a candle to see if she could move the flame to communicate with us.
After a while we notiiced that the flame was burning at a very unnatural angle so we asked if there was a spirit in the room with us, it looked as if the flame fanned out, twisted and then went back to normal. With that we asked if the spirit would answer some questions for us by moving the flame to answer yes and leave it still to answer no, and again the flame moved.
We communicated with the spirit for an hour and a half, I'll sum the interesting parts of the conversation.

Her name was Elizabeth and she was not married to Michael, but they were partners. She was executed in the mid 1800s for murdering James who was Michaels son, however she was innocent of the crime. She said that she was with James, and that he fell down a well and hit his head. She pulled him out but he was already dead, however she was blamed for killing him.
Michael didn't like women very much and had forced Elizabeth into prostitution, he even forced her to perform sexual acts on another person while he watched, sometimes even other women.
She also told us that Michael didn't want us to find out something about him, but after a while we found out that it was the fact that he was bisexual which was a serious crime in those days.
We decided that we would try and communicate with Michael, so we asked Elizabeth if she could extinguish the candle. The flame went very small but didn't go out.
We took some pictures with the digital cameras during the conversation and got some very good orbs..


We all sat down in the Rock Lounge and lit a candle on the table to see if Michael would communicate with us in the same way. Once the flame had started moving, we began to ask questions, however we were only getting answers to a few of the questions that we asked, we were asking the questions twice, in different ways each time so that they needed both yes and no answers, but it was though Michael was refusing to answer.
Jack, Simon and Bryony all started to feel very annoyed and aggresive but had no idea why. Jack also felt a breeze and bryony felt a lot of pressure on the whole of her body.
He did tell us a couple of things about himself though, and we started to realize that Michael had been a very sick and perverted man. He said that his son knew that he was having sexual relations with men and had possibly witnessed it, and he told us that he had sexually abused his son.


Towards the end of this vigil the candle had stopped moving completely, and members of the team were getting extremely annoyed. Plus the line of questioning was getting very aggresive, but none of us knew why there was so much tension amongst the group.
We decided that it was best for all concerned if we ended the investigation in this room and we went down to the Snug, which is said to be where James is.

We lit another candle and tried to communicate with James, but after 20 mins the flame had not moved once. We even tried to play a game with him by putting different beer mats on the table and then holding one up and asking him to move the one on the table that looked the same, but this didn't work either. However we did get orbs on the digital camera around the stairs.



With absolutely nothing happening in the Snug, we headed down to the cellar to see if we would find any evidence of paranormal activity, but nothing happened down there either apart from one orb in a picture. So we decided to end our investigation of the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem by tring to have another conversation with Elizabeth.
We sat down in the Museum room again and asked Elizabeth if she was still with us, and the flame moved, so we asked some more questions.
She said that she knew that Michael sexually abused James but he also used to abuse James' friends as well. Also she told us that James was in the Snug with us, but he was afraid to communicate.
The anger that we had previously felt was purposely caused by Michael, and it was him that caused Bryony to feel the pressure on her body, She said he was trying to cause her harm and if he was still alive, he would have forced himself upon her.
We asked if Michael was listening to us and she said no, we asked if he was still in the next room and she said yes. Slightly confused, we asked Elizabeth if Michael was being prevented from hearing us in any way, but he wasn't. We couldn't work out how he could be so close yet not be able to hear us speaking.
We asked if he was deaf and the flame moved to indicate yes, she said that he can only understand us by reading our lips, and because we were all speaking, he was missing most of the questions and that is why he wasn't communicating with us very well.
With the candle flame movement getting weaker and weaker, we realised that Elizabeth was running out of energy so we brought our investigation to an end. However, during our conversation with Elizabeth we had a dictaphone running. We captured a very clear EVP which said "you missed the bang again".

We all enjoyed our investigation of the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem very much, and would advise anyone with any interest in the paranormal to pay a visit and spend some time in the Museum room.