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UK Paranormal Investigations
Pluckley Village page 2

Our investigation of the cemetery and orchard

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We have found that our best results in Pluckley Village have come from the graveyard and the apple orchard that is just behind it.


On our first investigation we took a number of photographs, night vision camcorder footage and Dictaphone recordings in both locations.

This picture was taken in the cemetery. The weather was a little misty, so the mist has to be ignored, however the strange light by the door is a little harder to dismiss. As it goes over the door, it cannot be anything reflecting from further away, and we can find no explanation as to what it is.

This picture was taken in the cemetery as well and contains a strange, red......Thing! We have not been able to determine what it is; all we can say is what it isn't. It's not a reflection as there is only an apple orchard behind the cemetery, there aren't any lights there either and it doesn't look like any other orb that we have photographed.


A still shot of the spinal vortex

We got 1 good EVP in the cemetery, a male voice said, "don't leave me", plus there were sounds of strong winds when the night was very still.

We checked the night vision camcorder footage and found something quite interesting. The footage was from the orchard, and when played at normal speed, showed something come from the ground behind us and disappear upwards at an incredible speed. We played the footage back frame-by-frame and found that whatever it was looked like a spine! We did some research and found similar things documented, and was a phenomenon known as a Spinal Vortex.

We went back to Pluckley village a few months later to conduct another investigation.

We set up the Dictaphones in various locations in the orchard and cemetery, took night vision camcorder footage and various photographs.

This picture was taken by the same door as the picture above, and this time shows several orbs.

Click the link to hear the EVP

Don't leave me


Below are a couple more pictures showing strange activity.