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UK Paranormal Investigations
Explainations and fakes

We will try to explain some of the terms used throughout this site, and show some photo's that could be mistaken as paranormal but have more logical explainations

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We will try to explain some of the terms that will be used throughout this site.


ORBS, these are believed to be the first manifestation of a spirit, they show up on photographs, but nothing is seen by the naked eye. A digital camera is best for this.However don't be fooled by rain or dust, which can look very similar.


EVP, this stands for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It works by putting a Dictaphone in a suspected haunted location and press record. Stay fairly close so that all noises in the atmosphere can be heard. Then after a while stop the recording and listen to it, sometimes voices and sounds can be heard that were not present in the atmosphere.


TRIGGER OBJECT, this is when you get an object, anything will do, you put the object on a piece of paper and draw around it then leave it for a while, and when you come back, if you are lucky the object has moved. We sometimes camcorder it so that any movement can be seen happening.
EMF METER, this stands for electromagnetic field meter. A spirit's energy is said to cause an electromagnetic field, so we use this to detect them.

This shows an example of orbs

A trigger object experiment

Here are some examples of EVP, all three are responses to questions.
This first one is a response to "is there any spirit in the house?"

Please please get out of my house

This next one is a response to the question, "can the spirit move on to the next world?"

Can't go

And lastly, this is a response to "is there a spirit in the front room?"

It's dark in here

Below are some photo's that when first looked at could be mistaken as paranormal, however there are more logical explainations for the images.

A ghostly image?, no it's a bug!!

Orbs?, no it's the camera flash reflecting off rain

The strange mist is just the camera flash rteflecting off the doorframe