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UK Paranormal Investigations
The Sandrock

We go in search of a ghostly preacher

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After reading in a local newspaper that The Sandrock was haunted by the spirit of a preacher, the UK Paranormal investigations team couldn't resist investigating.


The pub was opened in the 1870's and was built on a sandrock, which was in a much larger sand pit. A church minister used to conduct his services from the sandrock, and we believe that he is still hanging around.

Most of the paranormal activity had been experienced in the cellar, for instance, the gas taps would turn off all by themselves. We headed down to begin our investigation.
We started in the office, and it wasn't long before we started to get some activity. Every time we asked if there was a spirit around that wished to make contact with us, a stack of wine boxes began creaking, this happened 5 or 6 times.
After a while we moved into the main part of the cellar, and it wasn't long before we started to get orbs on the digital camera.


After about an hour, we had captured orbs on digital camera and night vision camcorder, so we decided to set up a trigger object, the motion sensors and an EVP experiment and then leave the area for a while.
Aboutb 45 mins later we went back down to see if anything had happened. The trigger object hadn't moved and the motion sensors didn't go off but we did get 1 EVP, a voice clearly said "good boy" as if someone was praising their dog.
Lastly, we tried to recreate the napkin experiment that we had such a good result with at the Station Hotel, but nothing happened.
Our investigation of The Sandrock was not the most eventful one that we have ever had, but all the same it was very enjoyable.
A big thanks to Mick and Sonia for allowing our investigation to take place.