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UK Paranormal Investigations
Reculver Towers page 2

As the evening draws in, we begin our investigation

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We have conducted several investigations at Reculver Towers and they have produced the most fascinating results that we have had so far.

When we first arrived at Reculver, we set up the tents and began to plan our investigation. This was the first investigation that we had done and we weren't too sure what to do first.We took a walk around the site and then decided to place a Dictaphone underneath the right hand tower to see if we would get any EVP.

We put it on top of a black metal door that was blocking off the staircase that led up the tower, and went down to the car park for 10 mins.


Once we had retrieved the Dictaphone, we all went and sat in the car and played back the recording.

There were a few strange sounds and there was sounds of the door rattling quite badly, which could not of occurred naturally as the door was made of heavy iron.

As we had walked away from the Dictaphone our voices had been caught on the tape, and over the top of our voices, a much higher voice could be heard saying, "Don't strangle me".

After that we took a recording in the car, and to our surprise a voice came over the top of ours and said "F***king scum". By this time we were all quite freaked out, but decided to be brave and continue our investigation.

When we were back up in the ruins, we hadn't set up a Dictaphone yet but we all heard the sound of galloping horses, it was really loud and sounded as if it was coming from down near the beach.

We did a few more recordings and got a couple of clear voices, one was of a Childs voice saying, "Why does it fit" and another said "Chris". Also there were some unexplained dripping noises and the sound of the door rattling.

As it was quite late, we decided to get some sleep and continue our investigation the next evening, but we had no idea what was in store for us.


The following evening we decided to get a recording from underneath the left hand tower, so we placed the Dictaphone on the ground and went away, but we were still close enough to hear what was around,


After the recording was finished, we sat in the tent and began to listen. At first there was nothing unusual, but as it went on a womans voice was heard saying "No", then the womans voice was heard screaming "No, please no" in what sounded like absolute terror. With that our nerves got the better of us and we pulled the tents out of the ground and ran to the car with them still fully erected, we stuffed everything in the boot and got out of there fast. That was the end of our first paranormal investigation.

However we did go back to Reculver towers a few more times. We took a number of photographs, but none of them showed anything out of the ordinary. We also took some camcorder footage, which also showed nothing unusual. However we were still getting results from the Dictaphone, especially when it was put beneath either one of the towers, or on top of the black door. On one occasion we had what sounded like an old blacksmith working metal, and on another a female voice was heard saying "Go away, go away". None of this beat the activity that we had encountered on our first visit.

Jack went down for a visit one night with a couple of friends. It was at this time that everything went bad at Reculver towers.

One of his friends went very strange; she was going off by herself and standing in dark corners. She started to talk to people who the others couldn't see, then just sat down staring at the wall with a weird smile on her face and refused to leave. Jack and his other friend decided that they had to get her out of there, kicking and screaming if necessary. They turned to get her and his friend dropped to the floor with an asthma attack, Jack managed to get them both to the car and drove away.

None of us have been back to Reculver since and we're not going to either. There is something that isn't very nice there and we advise anyone who goes there to be careful.

Click on the links below to hear the EVP.

Fu**ing scum


no please no

go away, go away

Don't strangle me

Why does it fit

Stop him