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UK Paranormal Investigations
Station Hotel, Dudley

The best investigation we have had so far

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The Station Hotel is in Castle Hill, below the ruins of Dudley castle, which was built in 1070, and there is said to be a hidden tunnel that still connects them. The hotel was converted from a manor house in 1910 and has had the likes of Laurel and Hardy and Bing Crosby staying there when they were performing at the theatre opposite, which is now a bingo hall.


When we arrived at the hotel, where we already had a supposed haunted room booked, room 214, a member of the management team called Cliff very kindly agreed to let us investigate the cellar, which has supposed to have been the scene of a brutal murder, and the restaurant, which is supposed to have the spirit of a man named George haunting table 7.

We knew that we had a great investigation ahead of us, but we had no idea just how interesting things were going to get.