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UK Paranormal Investigations
The Wheatsheaf page 3

2nd Visit

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We recently returned to the Wheatsheaf to complete our investigation. Before we investigated the bar area, we thought that it would be a good idea to go back up to the old courtroom and conduct an investigation.
After about 20 minutes we started getting orbs on the digital camera and a couple on the camcorder, one of the photos showed the most orbs that we have ever captured in any single picture.


We decided to try something new in the old holding room. During the previous investigation orbs were seen on the nightvision camcorder, which we believe was a spirit in the room with us, and we asked the spirit to concentrate the orbs in certain locations in the room, which it did. So this time we hung 2 pieces of paper on the wall, one had the word YES on it and the other had NO, we then asked questions and tried to encourage a spirit to make orbs move around the paper to answer. Orbs were seen moving around on the camcorders but they seemed to be random, so the results of this experiment were inconclusive.
But we did get a fascinating picture on the digital camera in this room though, it showed some very clear orbs, but they were red. And even more fascinating was the fact that between the orbs a head can be seen, It is wearing a hat, and also hair, an ear, jaw and neck can clearly be made out. Have a look below and see what you think.


When we were finished in the courtroom area, we went down to the bar to see if we could find any evidence of poltergeist activity. 4 night vision camcorders were set up and we took pictures with digital cameras. We investigated for over an hour and we got some good orbs on camera, but were disappointed that we had not experienced more.
The Wheatsheaf is a very active place with a long history, we enjoyed our investigation very much.
A big thanks to all the staff from the whole UK Paranormal Investigations team.