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UK Paranormal Investigations
Abandoned Building

On our travels, we found an abandoned building

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This picture was taken outside before we went in. It was a clear spring evening and there wasn't any kind of fog or mist, so this mist is unexplainable.


There wasn't any signs telling us that we were not allowed in this building and all the doors were wide open, so we did an investigation inside. But we are not sure if we were allowed to be inside so we are not going to give this sites location in case we were trespassing.


After being inside for a while, we started feeling that we were not alone, and the pictures we took proved us right, it was full of orbs.

















We walked around for a bit, and there was orbs showing up behind us.

There was a possibility that these orbs were not paranormal, but just dust that we were disturbing as we walked around, so we stopped and tried an experiment. We kicked up as much dust as we could and then took a picture, as you can see below there wasn't a single orb.


We set up the dictaphones, a trigger object and took some night vision camcorder footage. We captured a couple of orbs on the camcorder, but the trigger object was negative and we didn't capture any EVP.