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UK Paranormal Investigations
Martello Gunfort page 2

Once the tide comes in, you can not leave the fort for 10 hours.

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When we arrived the tide was still in, so we investigated the on land gun placement first. The only thing that we got though was on one photograph taken on a 35mm camera, it shows a srange mist that almost looks human shaped.


Once the tide had gone out we made our way to the offshore placement. The path is in need of repair though, and there are many pools of sea water ang boggy sand to avoid, which we didn't do very well, every member of the team was ankle deep in water or minus a shoe at least once.


Once we had climbed in, we had a good look around and then planned our investigation.

We put a dictaphone on the staircase which led from the lower deck to the top deck, a trigger object in the room at the very top of the tower and walked around taking photos and trying to encourage paranormal activity.


The trigger object came up negative and there was nothing unusual in the photographs. However the dictaphone picked up a couple of good EVPs, voices could be heard saying "Go", "Cease fire" and "SOS".


At this point we noticed that the tide was coming in, and if we didn't get off there and then, we would be stuck out there for another 10 hours.

But we knew that we would be coming back again for another investigation.

On a second investigation of the offshore placement, we got some orbs on photograph, about six photos in total. We also set up a Dictaphone on the same staircase as before and got two EVP, one said "Cheeseburger" and the other said "Basketball". We believe that this could be the spirit trying to communicate that it is American.

 Night vision camcorder and trigger object both came up negative.