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UK Paranormal Investigations
private house page 2
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We began our investigation by setting up night vision camcorders in the kitchen and the hallway, and we went down to cellar. We decided to leave a dictaphone on record while we conducted this vigil. At first nothing was happening, but after a while Jack started to get a bad headache, and a photograph showed orbs around his head.


Not long afterwards the emf meter began showing abnormal readings around the floor near Bryony, there were no power cables of any kind underneath us. The readings kept moving around her for a few minutes until they completely dissappeared.
After that had happened we took some temperature readings, which were all coming up normal, until we discovered one area on a wall was fluctuating between 13 and 20 degrees when the rest of the cellar was a constant 10 degrees.

We then started to get orbs and light anomolies on the night vision camcorders and digital cameras


After about an hour we decided to check the camcorders that we had left upstairs, and the dictaphone that we had with us in the cellar.
There were a couple of orbs and sounds on the camcorder, which we all found interesting, but it was the dictaphone that had captured the best evidence of paranormal activity, there was some very clear evp captured.
Three of them we think we can make out, we believe them to say " are you a bas**rd", "mam, will you wait for a kiss" and lastly the one that we found a little disturbing "f**k the bird". Now as the emf readings had been abnormal all around Bryony, we don't believe the voice to be refering to the feathered kind of bird.
There is a fourth evp though that we are unclear what it is saying, we have cleaned it up but we still can't make it out. So if anyone thinks they know what it is saying then please email us and let us know what you think.

mam will you wait for a kiss

are you a bas**rd

f**k the bird


unknown cleaned up

We continued our investigation by putting a dictaphone, camcorder and trigger object in the cellar and then going up to the haunted bedroom, we left a dictaphone running and lit a candle to try and communicate with any spirits that may be in the room. We were trying for about 45 minutes, but nothing happened. However we did capture a few orbs.


However, to our surprise we had captured some more evp on the dictaphone. We captured what sounds like an old lady saying "yes". But the experiments that we left in the cellar were negative.


After a short break we decided to conduct a vigil in the kitchen and hallway area, where the monk had been seen and spices fly off the rack for no reason. But appart from a couple of orbs, nothing happened.


We ended our investigation by conducting a second vigil of the cellar. It wasn't long before the abnormal emf readings came back around Bryony, they moved around her again for a few minutes and then stopped.
We checked the temperature where it had shown strange readings before, but it was a constant 10.5 degrees, which was about the same as the rest of the cellar. There were also quite a few orbs showing on the digital cameras.


We all enjoyed our investigation of this house. Although we found no evidence of a monk or a little girl, the evp is some of the clearest that we have captured. Also it was exciting to capture paranormal activity on the emf meter and the digital thermometer for the first time.