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UK Paranormal Investigations
Trip to Jerusalem

The oldest inn in England

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The Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is in the centre of Nottingham at the foot of Castle Rock, which has Nottingham Castle built on the top of it.
It was built in the year 1189, and King Richard the Lionheart and his troops used to drink in there before going off to fight in the holy crusades.
The "Trip", as it is known to the locals, has an abundance of paranormal activity.
In the upstairs area known as the rock lounge there is a model of an old galleon ship that is said to be cursed, anyone that touches it are supposed to be either badly hurt or killed in terrible accidents. Therefore the model remained above the bar for years, gathering all kinds of dirt and dust.
A visiting health and safety officer saw that dirt was falling from the model and he deemed it a health hazard and ordered it to be cleaned or moved. Staff being afraid of the curse called in a medium to try and remove the curse and put the ship in a glass case so that it would no longer be a hazard. The medium performed a ritual to remove the curse and then placed it in a glass case, however within days he was in a coma after a horrific car crash.
The ship remains above the bar to this day. 


In the cellar there are 2 spirits, one is called the Crinolin lady who is seen on a staircase and the other is known as the Dark Angel, a dark translucent entity which has a rough human form. This area is believed to have been used to practice black magic.
In a room known as the Snug, there is the ghost of a little boy called James, who had very strict parents and was always made to sit on the stairs as punishment. It is on these stairs that James is supposed to be.
Michael, James' father, is said to be in the Rock Lounge and James won't go in there because he is scared of him. Michaels wife is said to be in the next room, known as the Museum room. A visiting medium said that her name was Elizabeth, she was executed for the murder of James.