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UK Paranormal Investigations
Martello Gunfort
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The Martello Gun fort was built in 1850, and used from then to the end of the WW2 as a defence position for the Medway River and the Thames Estree. 

It is approx half a mile from the shores of Isle of Grain. This very large offshore position had 2 massive gun batteries in place on mid and upper decks for anti-ship weapons. Also on this tower were some smaller ACK-ACK gun positions, which where used for air defence against incoming enemy aircraft. This gun fort has 1 watchtower that is built on the very top-deck, and on the mid-deck is what seems to be a control room for the gun batteries. Attached to the side of this gun fort are the WW2 living quarters, these living quarters are built on stilts and is linked to the main gun fort by a bridge.


On-shore is a much smaller gun position, which looks directly at the Marttello Gun fort, this defence position had what looks like ACK-ACK batteries on the roof and also it looks to have been in communication with the sea-fort.

Some of this land-fort is in ruins, but the bulk of it is still there in one piece. There is a lot to see at these forts and a lot to investigate if you're a Paranormal Investigator; both of these forts are very active with paranormal goings on.