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UK Paranormal Investigations
The Wheatsheaf Inn
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The Wheatsheaf is situated at Thornton Heath pond and  was built in the 18th century as a coaching inn. There was also a courtroom upstairs were theives and murderers were tried and sentanced to death, and there was an area outside known as gallows green, where the executions took place.
Also there is a story about a previous landlords daughter being murdered on her wedding day, and her body being thrown into Thornton Heath pond which was filled in in 1953.
The old courtroom is still easily recognisable, and the room where the prisoners were held before their trial has a very spooky atmosphere to it.
The staff have also experienced poltergiest activity in the bar area, where glasses fall of the shelves and the ice bucket has fallen over when there is nobody near it.
The UK Paranormal Investigations team went in and performed an overnight investigation to try and capture some paranormal activity.