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UK Paranormal Investigations
Station Hotel page 4

Our second investigation

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After our last investigation at the Station Hotel resulted in some fantastic results, we decided it was worth another investigation.
We had room 217 this time, and we were looking forward to seeing if Mary wanted to communicate with us again.
On the first night of our 2 night stay, we started by investigating the room.

We began picking up orbs immediately on the digital camera, and on the nightvision camcorder  not long after that. But the camcorder also picked up a very strange light moving around the room.


After we had finished in the room, we decided to go down to table 7 in the restaurant to see if we could make contact with Mary again.
We set up the napkin in the same way as last time and asked Mary if she was with us and wanted to make contact. Unfortunately, after over an hour and a half of waiting, nothing happned.
The next night we went down in the cellar. We set up camcorders in various locations and then tried to encourage some paranormal activity.
One of the camcorders picked up several shuffling sounds, and another picked up a very strange moving light.
We also took several pictures on digital cameras and captured a lot of orbs. At one point there were orbs surrounding us, as the photos below show.



After we had finished in the cellar, we went up to table 7 again to try one last time to make contact with mary, but nothing happened.
Again our invesigation at the Station Hotel was very enjoyable, a big thanks to all the staff.