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UK Paranormal Investigations
Private house, Hastings
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This house is possibly built on the grounds of an ancient monestary, and is home to at least three ghosts.
A monk is seen walking down the hallway from the kitchen to the front door, it then vanishes, plus spices fly off the rack accross the kitchen. Also there has been reports of a spirit of a little girl in an upstairs bedroom that used to frequently speak to the residents grandaughter when she lived there. As the girl got older she developed severe behavioural problems which have completely dissapeared since she moved out.
The most interesting part of this house is the cellar. Two mediums came to investigate the ghost sightings, they went down to the entrance of the cellar and strange chanting could be heard and was picked up on camcorder, then everyone was knocked to the ground by an unseen energy. They had the chanting analysed, and it seemed to be thirteenth century Russian, and they believed that it had come from a mercinary monk.
Lastly the owners of the house called in a priest to bless the house, and he advised them to move out.
They contacted us to see if we would investigate to see what we could find, we jumped at the chance.