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UK Paranormal Investigations
Pluckley Village page 3

Our experiment with our interested visitors

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During one of our investigations in Pluckley cemetery, three people approached us who were extremely curious as to why we were walking around a cemetery in the middle of the night with camcorders and cameras.

We explained that we were paranormal investigators and they asked if they could join us for a while.

We thought that we would try something a bit different, so we went to the main entrance of the church and our visitors took it in turn to be photographed as they knocked on the door. The idea was to see if the results were the same for all of them or would one of them attract a paranormal response.

We took a picture of the first person, and nothing unusual was shown.


The results were the same with the second person.


However the third person shared their photo with a couple of orbs.


We took another picture of this person to see if there were any more orbs, and they were there again.


This shows that some people attract paranormal activity more than others.